Building Africa's Future Cities
Making African Cities Smart, Resilient and Inclusive
Enhancing efficient and effective governance, planning and financing of African towns and cities;
Securing a paradigm shift in the planning, financing and governance architecture to a transformative process that build resilient and liveable smart cities in Africa

Who we are

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their generic form and particularly SDG 11 aimed at “sustainable cities and communities”, FACI undertakes top notch research and advocacy work towards finding sustainable solutions and building resilient smart African cities. 


In the process, it strives to be at the forefront fronting emerging trends that transform cities and towns so as to improve governance, planning and financing and ultimately liveability. 

Our Vision

FACI aspires for the building of smart, inclusive and resilient African cities which are liveable and attractive to citizens and businesses.

Our Mission

FACI seeks to recommend well researched strategies that transform African cities based on
new and emerging trends in urban governance, planning and financing

Latest news, articles and insights on Future African Cities

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